FAVE TIP: Picky eaters in your life? Create a #dinnwin

My 6 year old goes through some, shall we say, interesting eating phases. Some weeks it's mac and cheese only, sometimes it's no meat and other times everything has to contain chocolate. The short story is that I struggle. I struggle with making sure he's getting enough healthy foods, cooking things he will like and not becoming a short order cook for everyone in the family. It might seem like common sense, but it's taken me a while to get to the concept of dinner win (or #dinnwin in our house). What is it? Simply joining together what the kids like along with healthy sides they'll actually eat. 

I've even started doing meal preps for the kids based on their tastes of the week. That includes:

  • Chopping up a cucumber and portioning it out;
  •  Washing and separating fruit for all three meals; and
  • Finding easy meal ideas, like a tortilla PB&J...it's easy to make and cut with a pizza cutter and then put it baggies for meals all week!

A neighbor told me he loved a certain frozen pizza she bought from Trader Joe's. If anything gets him to eat, I'm in. I went and bought the Bambino Pizza Formaggio for him and planned healthy sides to bring it all together. It was a win! 


The successful (for now) line up included:

  1. Banana wheels and blueberries
  2. Cucumbers (because my picky eater actually loves them)
  3. Coconut flour chocolate and walnut cookies (that we made together)

The cookie recipe came from Paleo Hacks and it was really easy to make. My changes to the recipe included adding chopped walnuts and Enjoy Life chocolate pieces. Even my husband and 1.5 YO loved the cookies.