FAVE TECH: Would you let AI choose a name for your baby?

"Namey helps solve a very real problem: how to choose a name for your baby when there are so many options as well as keen family members ready to offer up their name suggestions.

With specific search filters like baby name origin, first letter, desired characteristics, name meaning and other family members’ names, powered by artificial intelligence and smart algorithmic matching, you can find baby name suggestions tailored to your unique requirements. 

Save and shortlist your favorite baby names and create polls to share with your loved ones via the most popular social media apps. Ask them to vote on the baby names they like the most. They can send you polls of their favorite names too. That way everyone feels involved, connected and has fun! 
You’ll find a name you love in no time. Maybe even one you never thought of.

How Namey works

  • Enter your unique baby name requirements, like name origin, preferred first letter, desired characteristics, name meaning and other family members’ names and let Namey do its smart algorithmic magic to find you relevant and meaningful baby name suggestions from a database of over 25,000 original and traditional baby names. 
  • Select the baby names that you love the most from your search results and create polls.
  • Share your polls with friends and family via popular social media apps and ask them to vote for the names they love the most. 
  • Explore trending names from your shared polls and see who’s voted. 
  • Encourage friends and family to send polls of their favourite baby names to you. 
  • Find the perfect baby name and have fun doing it! 

Namey helps turn finding a baby name from an overwhelming task to an innovative, collaborative and fun experience." 

sarah evans