What is The Plan?

What is The Plan?


Have you ever said, "If I only had a plan, I could..."

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The Plan, from digital correspondent and social media expert, Sarah Evans, is a 30-day contract, hyper-focused on your current goal, resulting in a tactical roadmap you can implement.

For the past 8 years her company, Sevans Strategy, has worked with brands of all sizes to produce digital content, implement social strategies and serve as an online spokesperson to bring stories to life. From that experience she has created specific, tried and true methods for many of the most common digital needs brands have. Enter, The Plan. When you don't need a full-time consultant, but want to enlist a trusted expert to help connect-the-dots and get you a Plan you can implement, immediately. 


Whether you purchase a one-time Plan, or engage Sarah for multiple Plans, your business will see improved in-house efficiency, strategic focus on your immediate needs and the ability to execute The Plan immediately. 

The Plan is a, mostly, virtual way to get a roadmap with actual tactics in a format that lets you accomplish your goal(s).

It could mean something as specific as launching a new podcast series to a more robust goal of a complete social media strategy.

How does it work? 

Purchase a Plan that will best meet your needs. Upon purchase, you will begin a virtual consulting agreement between you and Sarah Evans (a contract and invoice can be sent, per your request). A welcome call will be scheduled within 24 hours. Each Plan is a 30-day engagement between you and Sarah Evans (Sevans Strategy). The result is an action-based, tactical Plan designed for you and your team.

What does virtual consulting look like?

  • Weekly visual or audio-based conference calls
  • An online shared workspace will be set up for you and applicable team members
  • Sarah will work with you to outline goal(s) of The Plan and set it into motion
  • You have unlimited revisions of the Plan over the next 30 days
  • Within 30 days of purchasing your Plan, you will receive your living, working roadmap to meet your goal(s)

Each Plan has a one-time, flat fee and only changes if you decide to add-on options, like in-person meetings. Sarah's goal is to keep it simple and provide the highest quality of work--letting her passion for digital media match the drive of your company. 

The Plan is currently available for the following digital needs:

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You can also work with Sarah to customize a Plan specific to your industry, organization or immediate need. 

Sarah is currently working with software provider SAP as an expert for their online community Growth Matters Network and as the host of their new series Catalyst.

Catalyst: How to Humanize Your Employees And Customers

Check out this replay from our first Catalyst Summit of 2018 in NYC. Sarah Evans lead a discussion on 'How to Humanize Your Employees And Customers' with our team of small and midsize business experts.

Sarah is a public relations consultant and digital correspondent. That includes social and digital strategy, talent, editing and publisher with her company Sevans Strategy. She's worked in health care, higher education, e-commerce, non-profit, technology and more areas to hone her expertise over the years.

She works with companies, like PayPal and Cox Communications, as a digital correspondent and runs popular digital lifestyle publication Sarah's Faves (http://sarahsfaves.com). Sarah previously worked with a local crisis center to raise more than $161,000 in three weeks via social media and is proud to be a team member of the Guinness Book World Record holding #beatcancer.

Sarah Evans is known throughout the country as a leader in the use of social media as part of an integrated marketing and communications approach. She is one of the foremost speakers in the country on all things social media where she keynotes, serves on panels, moderates and speaks at conferences and industry events. A few include: PR Web, PubCon, PRSA Travel and Tourism keynote, PRSA Digital Impact Conference, Social Fresh, PRSA T3 Conference, WeTrain Fall Conference, Cusp Conference and Izeafest.

Sarah previously guest published for sites, like Mashable, CNN, SEOmoz and other top sites. 

Both personally and professionally, Sarah uses social media as a way to connect people. When she launched her popular Twitter chat #journchat years ago, her goal was to unite people who cared about journalism, PR and social media and it set a trend for professional chats via Twitter.

She is also the first person to bring an outside web show inside the walls of traditional news agencies to connect professionals around the world. She worked with both CNN and NBC News, hosting live #journchat shows with them.