Digital Content and Audience Engagement Plan

Digital Content and Audience Engagement Plan

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Planning your company's digital content can feel overwhelming. Researching the customer life cycle, picking the best social media software, creating both timely and evergreen content... It is a big undertaking. 

Get a Digital Content and Audience Engagement Plan to help get you where you need (and want) to be. This Plan is for startups, small and mid-sized companies. Each Plan is unique and customized around your needs and customers.

How does it work? Purchase a Plan that will best meet your needs. Upon purchase, you will begin a virtual consulting agreement between you and Sarah Evans. A welcome call will be scheduled within 24 hours. Each Plan is a 30-day engagement between you and Sarah Evans (Sevans Strategy). The result is an action-based, tactical Plandesigned for you and your team.


  • Weekly visual or audio-based conference calls
  • An online shared workspace will be set up for you and applicable team members
  • Sarah will work with you to outline goal(s) of The Plan and set it into motion
  • Within one week of your call(s) or meetings you will receive the first DRAFT of your Plan
  • You have unlimited revisions of the Plan over the next 30 days
  • Within 30 days of purchasing your Plan, you will receive your living, working roadmap to meet your goal(s)

Each Plan has a one-time, flat fee and only changes if you decide to add-on options, like in-person meetings. Sarah's goal is to keep it simple and provide the highest quality of work--letting her passion match the drive of your company. 


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"The Plan" is a way for startups, small and midsize companies to function as though there is a strategic communications executive in-house. Whether you purchase a one-time plan, or engage Sarah for multiple plans, your business will see improved in-house efficiency, strategic focus on your immediate needs and the ability to execute The Plan immediately.

Plans are currently available for:

And, if you decide you need extra support after you get your plan, we are here for that, too. Sevans Strategy has both in-house support or can work as a matchmaker with other agencies to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans) is a seasoned public relations and strategic communications consultant. For the past 10 years she has worked with startups and large companies like Cox Communications, Walmart, PayPal, Advocate Health Care, SAP and Cisco. She began her career in health care and higher education, leaving behind leadership roles to pursue her own company.

Sarah also serves as a digital correspondent for brands, bringing the behind-the-scenes social and communications strategies to life--connecting brands with their customers. This is a separate pricing structure than The Plan and can be discussed with her via phone or email.