FAVE BRAND: Mifland - A leather goods company

This is one of those buy it once, buy it for life products. I've been buying Mifland bags for the past five years and constantly dream about adding to my collection. I use the bags for travel, fashion and for every day use. Founder and brand director, Tobi Egberongbe is brilliant. He takes form and function and makes into something visually appealing. With bold design, superior leathers and oh so durable, these products constantly evoke comments from others. 

The Concept One in black has been my go to travel back pack for years--my fave chic space for transporting my computer.



I don't always want a logo branded on every square inch of product and Mifland products speak for themselves. 

This is a brand I plan to stay loyal to for years to come.

Check it out!

sarah evans