do good in the world

"Doing good" has always been part of what gives me purpose. Whether it's helping a community crisis center raise more than $161K dollars in three weeks to working in the nonprofit sector to helping to educate others on important health issues... It's at the core of who I am. Please send me your favorite #DoGoodInTheWorld (#DGITW) submissions so I can help to spread the word. Featured here are my #TOP3 fave DGITW finds of the moment.


sun guard laundry-aid

One in five us will be diagnosed with skin cancer. The good news is that there are many ways to help prevent it. Start by protecting you and your family through your laundry! Sun Guard is a simple, easy-to-use laundry aid that washes UV protection right into clothes.


Free code camp

Writing code can be confusing. At least my six-year-old is already learning so he can help me. For those of us who work in a non-profit and/or have limited resources, there is a great resource available for FREE--Free Code Camp! Use their comprehensive resources to start your coding education.


Cocktails & chemo

Cocktails & Chemo was started by Amanda and Joe Clark when Joe was diagnosed with colon cancer one day before he turned 28 and one month before their wedding. The couple shared their love story with the world and when Joe died November 16, 2014, Amanda swore to live his legacy of love and help others.

The Cocktails & Chemo Foundation is dedicated to caring for caregivers. Cocktails & Chemo has mailed more than 300 care packages to caregivers across the country, awarded $3,000 in grants to help off-set expenses and hosted more than 60 caregivers at an annual caregiver luncheon.

Life is hard, love is pure and loss is devastating. A caregiver is the one holding it all together.

To learn more about The Cocktails & Chemo Foundation visit or email us at to learn how you can help.